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'Going to Ground' Published

Going to Ground, an anthology of nature and place is published by Little Toller,, containing my essay 'Heritage'.

‘The Clearing has been such a guiding light to me on my journey through writing, living and loving.’ Kerri ní Dochartaigh, author of Thin Places and Cacophony of Bone

In 2013 a group of writers and poets set up The Clearing, an online journal for new writing about nature and place, from new and established writers. The aim was to create a dedicated space to explore and celebrate landscapes, finding distinctive and sometimes startling visions of place: rural, urban, suburban, industrial, post-industrial, fantastical and natural.

Since then, under a rotating series of editors and now under the wing of Little Toller Books, The Clearing has grown an audience around the world, supporting writing projects and has helped emerging writers at the beginning of their careers. In Going to Ground is some of the best and most distinctive writing from The Clearing’s archive of hundreds of essays and poetry from well-known and emerging writers.

This is the new writing of the Anthropocene, startling visions of our landscapes. The themes are natural, political, historical, archaeological, ecological, scientific, political, personal, urgent and true, from more than thirty extraordinary writers.

Contributors include Tim Dee, Kathleen Jamie, Alex Woodcock, Kerri ní Dochartaigh, Nancy Campbell, Tim Hannigan, Nic Wilson and many others. (full list below).


Going to Ground was funded by many generous supporters of The Clearing.

Cover photograph by Stephen Gill (‘The Pillar, 2015-2019’)


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